Looking to get your hands on a new BMW Mini-E? At the L.A. Auto Show, BMW unveiled the new all-electric Mini, and in preparation for mass production, they are looking for 500 lucky people to test drive the car for a year.

There are several restrictions: To be involved in their “year long research project” you must have: $850/month to cover the lease and live in either New York, New Jersey, or Southern California.

You will need to have a secure garage, and be willing to surrender the car and all the charging equipment immediately at the end of the lease – also if you don’t have a spotless driving record, don’t bother applying.

Keep in mind you will be required to fill in surveys, maintain a detailed log, and the car will be equipped with a GPS for BMW to keep a close eye on you.

If you are interested in applying to become a part of the project, you have until Dec 10 (that’s about 7 more sleeps). Visit the Mini-E website for more details.

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