I was reading the November 2008 issue of Discover Magazine. I really enjoy this magazine and find it quite interesting, even though many of the concepts they discuss are far beyond my level of education.

Discover has a section titled “Mind Games” where thy list various puzzles etc. This month they focused on the relatively new number puzzle “Hidato”. The idea is to connect all the given numbers with consecutive numbers. Numbers must be adjacent to each other connecting either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.

One of their puzzles provided this example, and asked how many possible locations are there for the missing #16.

Hidato Puzzle

Hidato Puzzle - Click to Enlarge

The very first location I discovered, did not appear in their solutions. They state there are four different possible squares where the #16 can be placed. Ahh, they were wrong. There are at least 5! Here is their answer:

Hidato Puzzle Answers

Hidato Puzzle Answers - Click to Enlarge

Here is my 5th solution they didn’t think of!

Hidato Extra Solution for Discover Mind Game

Hidato Extra Solution

Doesn’t this make me feel smart! (I am not posting this to say “in your face discover” – I actually love the magazine and have a subscription. I just thought, hey, this is something I can write about 🙂 )