The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Flight 370 is captivating the world, with everyone wondering just what happened.

I have NO idea what happened, but a theory floating around does seem plausible and leaves me wondering. While I am not certain I believe this is what went down, the following possibility could very likely be reality.

DAHBOO77 posted a YouTube video on March 9 where he shows a recording form FlighRadar24. It shows a recording from shortly after the incident, and then another after it had been supposedly altered. In the deleted version a second plane approaches Flight 370 and then disappears from radar shortly after 370 vanishes. You can watch the video below.

According to reports, there were at least two passengers on-board that had used stolen passports to board the plane. They could be common criminals, or perhaps much more.

Is it possible that these criminals ultimately hijacked the plane? Is it possible that their threats were ultimately serious enough that it resulted in a military response and the eventual shooting down of flight 370 to eliminate a more serious threat?

This sort of thing does happen – rarely, but it does happen. (See Korean Air Lines Flight 007) Perhaps the military shot down the plane, then had records at FlightRadar24 altered to hide the fact. Perhaps they know where the wreckage is, but do not want what went down public. The fact that the flight is missing could just be a coverup, and we will get some cover story in the days/weeks/years to come. Maybe the military action was intentional, or perhaps in error? Or perhaps the plane did literally just fall out of the sky.

Could all this be possible? I believe absolutely it could. I am not certain I believe it DID happen, but it IS a possibility. Any thoughts?