So, every now and then I have the world’s next big invention floating around in my head. Sometimes the idea ends up being 100% totally unique and, then after more thought, turns out to be awful. Sometimes I come up with the best ideas EVER, and then after a little digging discover they have been done before.

One idea I had was to create roofing shingles out of solar panels. You could roof your house using them; they would interlock, and turn your entire roof into one giant solar panel. I thought this idea is perfect, especially with everyone trying to go green – I then found out that solar panel shingles had been done already. (See Here and Here).

Another idea I had was to have a compostable bag liner for your lawnmower. You mow as you normally would, and the liner in your mower bag is filled. Pull out the liner, and stick it on the curb for the city yard waste pick up. Perfect… but then I found a bunch of flaws in this idea that would prevent it from working.

Now I have the new, next big idea. Weight loss is huge, and one of the biggest contributors to obesity is overeating. Why not have a pill that simply flavors your saliva, making it taste like chocolate, beer, cheeseburgers, or whatever else you like, that way you would *think* you’re eating all that yummy stuff, but in reality, you’re not consuming anything!  Ya, okay, that is pretty gross.

Okay, I know these are dumb ideas – (or are they?) but one of these days the million dollar invention will cross my mind – and, well, I’ll probably do nothing with it.