I signed up for this a few months back, and thought, more people need to know about it.

Recently us Canadians followed suit with the States and setup a National Do Not Call List. Now, often I get annoyed when we simply follow in the footsteps of our southern friends, BUT in this case, the idea is great, I love it.

Canadians can register here. You only need to give your phone number, no other personal information is asked.

Americans can register and find more information on their system here.

If you find that after 31 days of submitting your number, you are still getting annoying telemarketing calls, you can file an official complaint here.

You will need:

  1. The telephone number at which you received the telemarketing call
  2. The telephone number and/or name of the telemarketer
  3. Whether the complaint relates to a fax, residential or business number
  4. The date of the telemarketing call.

Keep in mind that those companies that you have existing business with, charities, newspapers, political organizations, and telephone surveyors, are exempt and still may call you.

Lets put an end to telemarketing – be sure to register your number, and if you still get calls after 31 days, file a complaint.