Take a look at that mouse of yours. Just about every computer has one in some shape or form. It may be the traditional 2 button optical or laser mouse, maybe you’re using some ancient ball mouse, or perhaps you’re on the laptop using the touchpad.

Have you ever stopped to think, I wonder how many mice are out there? No? Really? Well… neither have I. BUT that doesn’t change the fact that Logitech has seen its Billionth mouse roll, or as cnet says, scamper off the assembly line.

1 Billion mice. And that’s just one company. At first my mind said, is that possible, a billion mice? When you add up all the mice from Microsoft and… hmm… What’s another mouse company? I dunno, but there are others, so including them, I am sure that the total figure is at least 2 billion plus. That’s a lot of mice, and hard to believe, but I guess I have owned… 10? Maybe 12? In the past 15 years. Maybe more – so it’s no wonder how the number has grown to such heights.