Aside from playing around with this blog, I also have a very geographically specific website dedicated to my local area. On that website I also offer free classified ads for locals.

For some time now my other site has been hit hard by spammers from the affiliate program based on Pakistan. I tried contacting the affiliate program, and they replied saying that they feel strongly against spam, but never did anything about it with their affiliates. I suspect that they actually couldn’t care less, and in fact, are probably the spammers themselves.

Ultimately I started banning the IP’s of the people spamming my classifieds, one at a time. But they kept coming with several posts a day. After doing some digging earlier this week I discovered which quickly and easily generates the htaccess code required to completely block a specific country from your site. I generated and posted the code, and now, no more spam. YAY.

I hated the idea of blocking an entire country from my site, however, as my site is very specific to my local area, I doubt there are many people from Pakistan actually interested in my site anyways, so that combined with the removal of SPAM, I took the step and just blocked them all.

I later posted what I had done in Twitter noting the block a country website and got a reply from “imrananwar” who noted that he has founded an registry to help track problem ISP’s so that all of Pakistan is not hurt by these types of spammers. I provided him with the list of ISP’s that had spammed my site, the nature of the spam, etc. He is working to help reduce spam, and while I am not sure if he will succeed, I am happy to see that there are people out there that care and are trying to do something about all this bad stuff.