The title of this post really says it all, and I could just leave it at that. Pooping does make you smarter.

What? You want an explanation?

Alright, for those of you who think I am crazy, here is why I believe that.

Most men… scrap that… all men read while they, well, poop. At least I know I do. I live in British Columbia, and the Province sends out a free health guide with answers to common health questions. For some reason our health guide wound up in the bathroom, and, naturally, I decided to read a bit of it every time I – well, you know.

I joked with my wife that I was learning to be a doctor, and during the next several “sessions” I actually found my self learning things about various medical issues that I had not known before. Would I have ever read that medical guide otherwise? Probably not, unless I needed it to look up a specific rash or something.

I am also a big fan of Discover Magazine. The magazine is far more technical than my brain can digest, but I still manage to learn things every time I take the throne – and yes, that’s pretty much the only place I read it. I learn something every time. It’s no wonder many people call it the library.

So you can see, that by my own personal experience, I have proven that pooping does in fact make you smarter! You simply don’t need any more proof than that.

Earlier today a friend of mine sent me a news story, which sparked this entire article. In the story a specific company was mentioned. Normally I would have never heard about them, but I recalled the exact moment I read of their existence. I was reading a magazine, while, you guessed it, doing my business. In that instance I was away on a short holiday and was staying in a hotel, but for some reason, the name of that business, and how I heard of it stuck with me. Apparently there must be a connection between pooping and memory as well.

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