I am so sick of idiots who have a sense of entitlement.

You have probably heard the story about Eleni Prontzos, the 17 year old who was caught for shoplifting at a Price Smart Foods  recently. She had stolen about $20 worth of makeup.

Rather than press charges, Overwaitea Food Group, owners of Price Smart Foods, demanded $300 in fines for the theft.

Prontzos and her parents are refusing to pay the bill! HELLO, you could have been been prosecuted and have a criminal record,  instead they are fining you? Suck it up and pay the fine. YOU STOLE FROM THEM. You broke the law, pay the fine and be grateful they didn’t call the cops on you!

The media is having a field day, blaming the big box stores for fines that can reach as much as $700. This is generous people!! A criminal record would cost you WAY more in the end!

Peter Prontzos, Elani’s father said that this is just a “money making operation”. Is he serious? These stores lose MILLIONS a year to shoplifters, they are entitled to try and get a SMALL percentage of that back.. What a joke shoplifter dad.

I think that they should revoke the fine, and instead throw the book at this little thief, and give her the maximum penalty permitted by law. Maybe then they will look back and say, maybe we should have paid the fine. Make an example out of her for what can really happen to shoplifters.

There is more on this story over at CBC.ca