So my wife and I have recycled and composted for some time now, but more recently have stepped it up a notch.

Before we would throw some paper and tin cans in the trash due to pure laziness. The same went for potato peels, apple cores, and all that good stuff. Just a few weeks ago we decided to go full out. All recyclables are recycled, and all compostables are composted.

What a difference!

Before we were putting out two garbage cans a week for pickup and now we are down to one, and it’s not even full!

Its really amazing what a difference recycling can make. We have found that composting alone is making a big difference. We’re now dumping about 3-4 gallons of food waste into our compost bin a week. If I look at recyclables, we’re filling two large bins a week (about 6-8 cubic feet in total). Again, if everyone recycled, what a huge impact it would really have.

I have always been a fan of doing whatever I can to be environmentally friendly. I am far from perfect, but doing the little things like recycling, and even switching to compact fluorescents, helps me feel less guilty for driving a fossil fuel burning vehicle.

Once hybrids are perfected and less expensive, we’ll move in that direction, but for now they are just not suitable enough for our lifestyle.