brunoThis weekend I rented Bruno. Ya, I know this movie has been out for a while, but only now did I get around to seeing it.

I have to say that if you were a fan of Boart, you will LOVE Bruno. If you have not seen Borat and are easily offended, stay far far away from this flick.

Bruno, much like Borat, goes beyond the politically in-correct and could easily come across as extremely offensive. If you watch it with an open mind however, and leave your guards down, you will laugh and laugh and laugh. Probably one of the best laughs, if not the best, that I have had in the past year.

Sacha Baron Cohen truly does have balls. Some of the stunts he pulls off (such as interviewing a known terrorist and then offending him) are incredibly shocking. In all honesty I wonder how he survived the making of this film. Standing in a wrestling ring and hyping the audience to be anti-gay, and then making out with another man in front of the angry hillbilly rednecks come a close second to the terrorist. I for one can’t imagine where he gets his courage. Both scenarios’ could have wound up with him stuffed in a body bag.

If you have an open sense of humor and want to just sit down and laugh, then watch this movie. If you are set in your ways, have no sense of humor, or have a large stick stuck up somewhere, then stay far far away, as you will not enjoy it.

I for one loved it (as did my wife) and I would give it a thumbs up, 5/5 stars, or the best of whatever other rating system you choose.

Sacha Baron Cohen was on Letterman a few months back – I have a post with some clips from that appearance (as himself, and as Bruno) as well as the Bruno trailer on this post: “Bruno / Sacha Baron Cohen on David Letterman