So I was out looking at stuff… what I can’t remember exactly, just stuff – Ahh, I remember now, I was browsing over at Truemors reading about two faced cats, designer vagina’s, and death of the Twitter fail whale.

Anyways, I saw a comment by a guy named Scott – I thought, cool, another Scott, so I clicked his link, and scanned his “Scott blog”. Then, I got to thinking – I wonder how many other Scott blogs there are out there.

This is when I decided to create the “Scott Blog List“.  To get on the list the domain name must contain the name “Scott” and the site must be a blog site. If you have a “Scott Blog” Send me a link via my contact page, and I will post your URL on the list, (I wont even use the nofollow tag!!!) You can link to me too if you want, but I don’t require it, but it would be cool, so do it.

Here are the first 5 “Scott Blogs” I came across. Not sure if they are interesting yet – don’t have time to read them right now, but wanted to start off my list. The official List will have a much longer list so check it out.

There’s the starter list – All Scotts out there, Send Me More!