2008 was already a leap year, and now, you can tack on an extra second to your clocks, making it officially the longest year since 1992.

At 6:59:59 pm be sure to set your clocks ahead by 1 second to 7:00:00. Mind you unless you can adjust your clock at warp speed, you’ll miss the time change all together.

The extra second being added to our lives will go unnoticed by almost all of society, but for those scientists making precise calculations about stuff, I am sure it will be a very significant factor requiring days and weeks of additional math.

I had never heard of this before, but the addition of “leap seconds” is apparently old news. Since 1972 the world’s time keepers have been adding seconds to our years, sometimes as often as twice a year. This upcoming adjustment will be the first since Dec 31 2008.

The Earth is apparently slowing down ever so slowly and the addition of this second is required by time keepers to keep everything in sync.

I guess that makes me several seconds older than I thought I was. I feel like I have been robbed of a big part of my life. Who can I sue? Can I get paid for all those seconds worked in the past? Maybe I might get lucky and get an extra penny or two for all those unpaid seconds. If not I just may need to make an appearance on Judge Judy.