Yahoo News Canada reports that a seventh severed foot has been found on the BC Shoreline along the Straight of Georgia.

The latest find showed the remains of a left foot found inside a New Balance runner, however, it has not yet been confirmed if the remains in this case are human – is it really that hard to tell?

Apparently a right foot was found in a New Balance runner back in May, but police are not saying yet if this shoe is linked to the one found this week – I guess they first need to determine the species of the recent discovery.

In previous finds, two shoes (and feet) found on Feb 8th and June 16th were in deed a match.

This foot marks a total of 7 feet to be found since August of 2007. Officials claim that this most recent foot does appear to have separated naturally. Forensic pathologist and former chief medical examiner, Dr. John Butt notes that the foot and leg will separate naturally from a body in the ground or in water if given enough time. (The same goes for arms, legs, and the head, which will naturally detach.) The feet however, as they are within buoyant sneakers, are what typically turn up on the shoreline. Wonder where the 8th foot is?

It sounds like these feed all have belonged to people who have gone missing in the past, and not detached by some crazy lunatic, but regardless it’s still a little creepy. I think this coming weekend I am going to get my name and address tattooed on the soles of my feet with a “postage paid return to sender” note. If you find one, just drop it in the mailbox.