Ahh, its tax time again, and what a great time to put out a little blog post about taxes. I don’t mind paying my taxes – they cover schools, health care, transportation, public safety etc, but what I do wish is that more items were tax deductible.

Sure we can deduct charitable donations, medical expenses, etc, but why can’t we deduct those things that are preventative. The fewer people that use the health care system, the less money the government has to spend on it, therefore, we should be able to write off anything that positively impacts us health wise.

Things like gym memberships, personal trainers, and recreation programs should all be deductible. They all ready are for children, you can write off your kids swimming lessons or soccer practice, but what about us adults?

And then that leads into things that are positive for the environment. If you are planting trees, buying a hybrid car, taking public transit, or buying compact fluorescent light bulbs, this should all be deductible – as should purchasing hybrid and electric vehicles! What about replacing your gas guzzling lawn mower with a reel mower?

The city of Courtenay has just offered to cover 30% of the cost of planting new trees, to help encourage a greener and cleaner city, It would be nice if the federal government would give a little extra cash incentive for everyone to be healthier and greener.