The first season Lost was on, I didn’t really watch it – I didn’t really care. Then in the late fall of 2005 that all changed.

My wife and I had just moved to the far North. Our neighbor & new friend Chad had also just moved and didn’t have his TV hooked up yet and asked if he could come over and watch Lost at our house – he was a LOST junkie. When he offered to bring some Crown Royal over with him, we said yes. Two things happened that night – I became a fan of LOST … & Crown Royal. We had a LOST party every Wednesday night for the rest of that Season.

It’s now 5 years later, and we are down to the last few remaining episodes. I have not missed a single one since that evening in November 2005. Somehow even my wife got hooked – and she hates these types of shows. There are still more questions than answers, but they are starting to fill in the blanks as we near the end.

It is kind of bitter sweet. It will be nice to put the show behind me and not be left wondering “wtf” but at the same note, I think I will miss it – I have never been as hooked on a television show before, well, except maybe The Office, but it’s a different animal.

LOST is like crack. I am in many ways sick of watching it as it can be frustrating with all the questions it poses, but at the same time I cant not watch it, I must get my answers. I wanted to stop a few seasons ago, but needed my fix when it was on. They did almost lose me in that huge dry spell caused by the writers strike a few years back.

Wonder if I will go through LOST withdrawl in a few months time. Chad, if you are reading this, Cheers! I’ll have my glass of Crown during that final episode – I’d watch it with you, but the 10 hour trip to get to your place is just a tad too long for a TV show.