So we recently switched from Shaw Direct Satellite TV to Bell Satellite TV.

So far, the programming is better, the picture is equal, the guide is far superior, and the PVR makes skipping commercials awesome. We record all our shows and watch them after, fast forwarding the commercials – an hour of Lost now takes half the time in front of the TV.

BUT it seems we have ended up with a bit of a dud for our PVR.  In the end it’s all good as Bell is shipping us a new one, but still a hassle.

I will summarize what our problem is in a moment, but first I want to talk about the agent I spoke with last night.

First I want to start by saying he was a very friendly and nice guy. Very polite, but I have to wonder if  it was his first day at the job, and perhaps also his first day using a computer. Here is a snippet form our conversation (as close as I recall it):

Bell Tech: “What is your email address?”
Scott: “scott@..” <interrupted by bell>
Bell Tech:”What do you mean “at”?”
Scott: <confused pause> “um…  didn’t you ask me for my email”?
Bell: “Oh you mean “at” as in email?”
Scott: “um… yes”

This blew me away, here he was asking me for my email, and he had no clue what an “@” was.  Come on people get a clue, this must be the easiest part of your job.

The next was where to send the PVR.  The town I live in is small, and there is no door to door mail service, unless sent via courier. As a result we always put both our street address and PO Box on all bills, mail etc, to ensure that everything gets to us.  This rep had no clue how to include both! He had to ask his supervisor! Now I don’t know about you, but every time I have had to fill in an address form there are two lines for the address. I put the street address on the first line, and the PO box on the second. Its not that hard.

Oh well, what can you do.  Perhaps its time to sell the TV, cut off the electricity, and move to the woods to live as a hermit.