As humans we can travel into outer space, cure disease, build machines to perform our mundane tasks, alter DNA, and harness the power of the Atom. So why are we doomed?

This species we are part of can do things that no other Earth bound creature can even come close to – and while our huge advances in technology and civilization put us far in the lead of the next closest creature on this planet, we also do one thing (and very well I might add) that no other creature does – and that’s destroy the very thing that gives us life.

Afterthought: After writing this I realized that we are not the only creature that is killing its environment. If we look into the world of microscopic life, among others, cancer works to ultimately kill its victim, killing itself in the process. I guess we are just the cancer of the earth.

For creatures with such incredible intellect and power, why is it that we poison the earth? If we continue to put out such massive amounts of pollution as a species we are doomed – and we’ll take much of the other life on this planet with us, hell, we are already responsible for driving numerous creatures to extinction, with others on the way. (The Dodo being the most common – others including the Bali Tiger, Golden Toad, Passenger Pigeon, the Quagga to name a few. And no I didn’t know this before writing, and I assume that the article, 10 recently extinct animals at Listverse is accurate)

I believe in most of the global warming debates, but certainly hope that they are far fetched. I believe that I will live to a ripe old age without having the effects of our poisoning the earth take me down, but I am convinced that mankind will be responsible for wiping out life as we know it. It may take 100 years, it may take 1000 years, but it will happen. But why? It’s 100% preventable.

What is stopping us from reducing our carbon output? Money. Not the direct cost of solving the problem, but the indirect cost. Big business, primarily the oil companies, have too much to lose, they don’t want to see us switch to electric vehicles. (Just imagine, if we pushed on developing the electric carriage back in the early 1800’s, and didn’t make the switch to oil dependant vehicles in the 1920’s, how advanced that technology would be today – we would almost have no need for oil)

Our greed is helping drive us to extinction, but it is not alone. Today most of us have come dependant on power hungry technology to help us get through our day, slowly poisoning the earth as we go. With all honesty, people are not going to change. While I acknowledge how bad it is for the environment, I will step into my gas burning car and pump some pollution into the air later today. I’ll do it again tomorrow too, and the next day. So will millions… hundreds of millions… perhaps billions of other people.

We are so wrapped up in the modern convenience of technology that most of us refuse to change our ways to help the greater good. I use compact florescent light bulbs, recycle my cardboard, bottles, etc, and even have a rain barrel to help water my garden, but I am not sure its enough – perhaps if everyone did these simple little things it may be, but I don’t know.

We have a hell of a good reason to clean up this planet, and we have the technology to do so – so why the hell do we keep poisoning ourselves? It must be true, we’re doomed.