The Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and many others. All just a government conspiracy. Sure these viruses exist, but why? They are all created by the drug companies for profit. These drug companies, working along side the government create viruses and their vaccines right along with them. They then release the virus, and when the public is good and scared, they release the vaccine and rake in the money. The viruses act as a biological weapon against countries that can not afford the vaccine.

They use the viruses not only as a form of mass profit, and it works.

Okay, I don’t really believe this, although I do admit it may be possible. I was reading recently in Discover magazine about a battle with who “owns” the rights to the H5N1 (bird flu). Biological material as intellectual property is a hot issue, and has been around for a while. Indonesia is fighting for the rights – it’s a rather confusing battle, and one that you can read about on page 40 of the December issue of Discover.

But when reading the article, it got me thinking, that while they most likely do not do this, what is stopping these multi-billion-dollar drug companies from creating a virus or disease, and the cure at the same time, then infecting a bunch of people and selling them the cure for profit. The technology is certainly there, and while this is probably not happening, it is also certainly far from impossible.