I really do find the weirdest stuff online.

Treadmill BikeToday I came across one of two things. Either it is the dumbest invention of all time, OR it has been setup intentionally as a joke as link bait. (For those of you who don’t know, link bait is essentially creating something for your website in hopes of driving as many people as possible to link to your website for the purposes of increasing site visitors &/or organic search engine rankings)

The invention is – The Treadmill Bike. Part bike, part treadmill, 100% stupid.

If this is legit, I feel sorry for its inventor, if it has been created as a joke / publicity stunt, great job. Until I read through all the copy on their page, I was partially convinced it could be real, then when I saw their video, I knew – nope, so not real. Video is below.