November 12 is the 316th day of the year (or in the case of leap years such as 2008, the 317th).

Today I was looking for something to write about and thought I would note a few things that have happened on this day in history:

Loch Ness Monster1933:
The first known photographs of the Loch Ness Monster were taken by Hugh Gray, a British Labour Party politician and lecturer at the University of London. Gray was walking back from church when he saw a large object making a big splash. Armed with his camera he snapped the photo to the left. Skeptics dismissed the photo as being too blurry to show anything.

The first Lobotomy is performed in a Lisbon hospital by Portuguese neurologist Antonio Egas Moniz. At that time things were done a little different. He essentially drilled two holes in the patients skull and injected pure alcohol into the frontal lobes of the brain. This destroyed the tissue in an effort to alter the patients behavior. No word on what happened to that original patient, and my brief efforts to find out who it was came up blank.

The famous “exploding whale” incident occurs when The Oregon Highway Division attempts to destroy a rotting and beached Sperm whale. This turned out to be not such a good idea as onlookers were covered in little bits of whale remains. This YouTube video of the incident tells the whole story