I am sick and tired of stupid people. They’re everywhere, doing stupid things, and just plain driving me crazy. When I say “stupid people” I am talking about those who do stupid things that defy common sense.

The most common place where stupid rein is on the roads. How did these people get their license? That bright red octagon with that 4 letter word “stop” means, when you get to the line, you need to stop – duh. It doesn’t mean stop behind the car in front of you, then when they go, just follow them through the intersection. And parking lots – they have those little white lines for a reason – park *between* them, not on, over, or diagonally across them.

I could go on for pages and pages with stories about stupid people, but there is an easy
out – use your common sense – is it really too much to ask?

So what can we do? Lets get a new “stupid tax”. When people do stupid things that step outside the bounds of intelligent, tax them! We’d pay off the national debt in no time!