Would any serious voter who cares about the future of the United States vote for Trump? I think not. I hope not. After last nights debate Trump has given even more reasons for us to lump him into the unqualified category.

Many are saying that Hilary was boring. True. She was. But guess what. She had answers to the questions and not just nonsensical random words like Trump. Trump avoided most questions, and many that he answered proved he didn’t have a clue what he was even talking about, or were just plain lies. Boring is good. It means she takes her position seriously.

I had a hip replacement a few years ago. My surgeon was one of the most boring guys I have ever met. I remember cracking a joke and he looked at me blankly. Had no sense of humor at all. Guess what. He replaced the hell out of my hip. It is perfect. He did a great job. He is one of the best surgeons in my area and it shows.  He takes his job seriously. Will Trump? Boring is good

There was a question about what each candidate would do to help prevent Terror at home in the US.. Trumps rambling answer went off about how his 10 year old son was great at computers. So does this mean his son will solve the problems?  He also complained about Hillary and Iraq – um, The Iraq War was a REPUBLICAN endeavor started with Bush!

Hillary was very well prepared. Trump showed he hasn’t got a clue about policies and very obviously did not know how to answer most of the questions thrown at him. It was really quite disturbing how ill-prepared he is to be president.

At one point Clinton menionted how Trump had not paid federal taxes in years. Trumps response: “that makes me smart”. Does this mean that Americans will not need to pay any federal taxes if Trump is elected? If he doesn’t pay, why should you. You’re not dumb are you?

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