The latest tragedy for the family of the 2 year old boy who was snatched by an alligator has been through enough. Trump, It is time for you to ban all alligators from the US and have them deported.

Seriously though, people are going after this family like crazy saying they are irresponsible, and that this tragedy is their fault. Get real people. Sure they were irresponsible for letting their toddler play in water marked with very clear no swimming signs, but in a spot that has no record of alligator trouble, the risk was probably pretty low. That said, if I ever visit Florida with my kids you can be sure they will not be in any natural body of water unless there is some certainty of safety. And those no swimming signs? I’ll take those seriously.

People are also putting blame on Disney. Seriously? This is a body of water that is interconnected with other bodies of water in an alligator infested state. Alligators wind up in peoples homes and swimming pools – how would it be possible to keep them out of a natural lagoon, man made or not?

This is a freakish act of nature, a hungry predator looking for food. The ending is very sad, and possibly avoidable, but really – it is not anyone’s fault, no more than it is the sidewalks fault for skinning your knees when you trip over the curb cause you are too busy to look up from your phone.

So who do you think is responsible?

Who is Responsible for the Disney Alligator Incident?

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