I follow a lot of people on twitter, and that number is growing – well over 5000. Currently about 5100 follow me back. Some of accused me of being a twitter spammer, so I thought I would take a moment to explain why I choose to follow so many people.

It’s really quite simple. I like random stuff and tidbits of information. Now that I follow such a large number of people, every time I log on I see something different and unique – I really never know what I am going to find. Everything I read is from someone with a random lifestyle in a random part of the world. You see a lot of different perspectives.

I don’t consider mass following to be spam, quite simply because, I don’t ask for anything in return. Some people follow me back, some don’t. Either way that’s fine. I also don’t consider it spam because I am not messaging everyone pushing a product or service – the only time I DM or @ people is if I have something of interest to say related to their tweets. The DM’s I get from people saying “buy my book” or “visit my site” I tend to unfollow, unless their message has some meaning to me directly related to something I tweeted or commented on.

So, if you are one of those who think that I am a spammer, it’s simple, don’t follow me. I contribute, and try to be an active member in the twitter community – so I just don’t see me as a spammer.