I love Tesla. I love the design of the cars, the fact that they are pure electric, and the longer range they get than any other electric car.

Tesla’s are awesome. But even if you don’t particularly like Tesla vehicles, you should like them as a car company. Their pure existence is pushing the envelope for the future of electric vehicles. If it were not for Tesla, would we have the Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf? Big name companies like BMW and Porsche are also entering the electric market, and production of hybrid vehicles is stepping up.

The biggest problem with electric is the range and lengthy charging times. As more and more automakers move into the electric market and R&D is expanded we will see a future of clean running electric vehicles with long ranges and rapid charging.

For now Tesla is the clear winner in terms of style, desirability, and range. Their newly announced Model 3, an affordable option to enter the world of Tesla, already has nearly 300,000 pre-orders. I’d love to get my hands on one, but that purchase is a ways down the electric road for me.

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