I absolutely hate to admit that I kinda like Windows Vista. It did take some getting used to as much has changed, but the more I use it, the more I actually like it.

I have heard of many people having tons of problems with it, but for me there were only 3 problems I had to deal with, and now all 3 are corrected:

1. Office 2003: I installed it, but every time I opened word or excel it prompted me to accept the TOC. I eventually found a work around through registry edits to make this problem go away. (And yes, it was a 100% legal and legit copy of Office).

2. É and é: When going for the question mark (?) or forward slash (/) often the computer would switch to the red character on the keyboard instead; the (é) or (É). I fixed this by changing the language settings from Canadian English to American English. The problem has not returned

3. Weird Mouse Thing: The cursor would randomly jump from one field to another while typing causing total chaos when filling out online forms. I for the life of me cant remember what I did to fix this, but I found instructions online, followed them, and it fixed it.

Other than these 3 things, Windows Vista has been good to me. Regardless, I still find the following comic strip (from XKCD funny :))

Windows 7 Beta Comic