Worlds Ugliest Dog

It’s a sad day for pet lovers around the world. According to MSNBC the world’s ugliest dog (if you can call him that) has died. ‘Gus’ won the title back in June and after a battle with cancer is off to the big dog house in the sky.

Gus was a Chinese crested with a missing eye and a missing leg. You can see by the picture that he had one heck of a face, one only a mother… well… a blind mother, could love.

This poor dog did have one heck of a tough life. Things only started to improve after he was rescued from a bad home. Apparently he was kept in a crate inside someone’s garage. One leg had to be amputated due to a skin tumor, and his left eye was lost in a cat fight.

While I try to write this with a little bit of senseless humor, it really is a sad story. Poor ugly thing – Even though I never met you, you’ll be missed.